How many panels do I need?

To work this out all you need to do is work out the width of the wall and round it up to the metre. For example if the wall is 2.8 metres wide, you would need 3 boards. We will be happy to help work this out for you too. 

How many trims/accessories do I need?

Internal trims - count how many internals corners
External trims - count how many external corners.
End trims - these are required anywhere the panels will end and be exposed.

How do I cut the panels?

As the panels are made from 100% PVC, they can be easily cut using a hand saw. 

How much adhesive and sealant Is required for one Renowall panel?

For one panel, approximately 1 cartridge of iStick anti mould strong adhesive and 1 cartridge of ISeal silicon sealant per panel.

Can I install the panels over tiles?

Absolutely. There is no need to spend hours upon hours of removing tiles. Our panels can be applied straight on top of existing tiles saving you time and money.

Can I fit Renowall panels myself?

Yes. Renowall can be fitted by a competent DIY person – professional fitting is not essential. Only general DIY tools are required to install Renowall panels. For guidance please check out our  “how to install’ page.

Is Renowall panelling cheaper than tiling?

It depends. Renowall panelling is designed to be better than tiles, not cheaper than tiles. Walls need to be thoroughly prepared to take ceramic tiles, and this can be a quite significant cost on top of the installation and purchase costs. Renowall panelling is much more forgiving and will go up over a variety of substrates without any preparation. It is also relatively easy to install so the average DIYer will be able to install wall panelling themselves.

Is Renowall panelling waterproof?

Renowall panels have a moisture resistant core and are bonded to high pressure laminate. When installed using the Renowall instructions and accessories, this will give you a waterproof panelling system.

Should I panel all of my bathroom or just around the bath?

Bathroom panels offer several benefits - easy to clean, no grout to go mould, no maintenance etc. The more Renowall panelling you install, the greater the benefit will be. If you only panel 20% of the room, you will only get 20% of the benefit.

Can I hang wall mounted items to Renowall panels?

Yes. You should always use additional battens behind hand basins, towel rails, and other heavy items:; please ensure that adequate ISeal Silicon sealant is applied to all fixings.

When using battens, how far apart do they have to be?

Treated timber battens of approximately 50mm x 25mm should be fixed horizontally with one at the head and the base of the panels. Additional horizontal battens are recommended to be at a distance of 500mm apart.

Can I apply Renowall to plasterboard?

Yes, you can apply Renowall to plasterboard providing that the wall is level. If the wall is not level, then please ensure to apply it to a batten system and not to the surface of the wall.

Can Renowall panelling be used in kitchens?

Yes. The easy clean nature of waterproof, wall panelling makes it ideal for use in kitchens. Care has to be taken when installing the panels near sources of direct heat such as open hobs. Ceramic tiles or a stainless steel panel should be used in this area or anywhere where the temperature rises above 50 degrees celsius.

Can I use Renowall for floors or ceilings?

No. Although Renowall panels are light, they is too heavy to apply to ceilings and if applied to the floor would not be slip resistant.

I have more questions. 

No problem! We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Head to our 'Contact us' page for our details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.